India Banned 500 & 1000Rs Notes – Everything you need to know.

Why india banned 500rs and 1000rs notes? : Indian goverment banned 500 and 1000Rs not last night. PM: Naerndra Modi has called an emergency speech & he revealed to the country that from today 500 and 1000 Rupees notes are not to be valid.

In this article we are going to reveled why and reason india banned 500 and 1000Rupees notes This decision has been made by the present government under the PM who says, IMF and World Bank states India is an economic star now.

500 Rs Notes Banned

500 Rs Notes Banned

India Banned 500 and 1000Rs Notes

From today Rs. 500 & 1000rs notes are not to be valid. Why india Banned 500rs notes? -> Indian government believes that by taking this decision we can hit black markets down.

Most of many people are worrying about now what to do with the stack of their 500Rs & 1000Rs notes? let me tell you that you dont need to worried about anything. becasue thery have relased a notes ( speech ) saying that all the remaing 500rs and 1000rs notes are to be deposited at near by bank or post offices.

India Announced 2000Rs Notes

2000Rs New Note Pictures

2000Rs New Note Pictures

as per the news RBI will be issuing 2000Rs notes which will be a regular currency circulation all over india. new notes of 2000Rs notes will be avaialable from 11 Nov.

Modi Speech on 500 and 1000Rs Notes Banned

More News About 500rs & 1000Rs Notes Banned

1000Rs Notes Banned

1000Rs Notes Banned

  1. 500Rs & 1000Rs notes are valid in Hospital till 11th Novermber Midnight.
  2. All ATMS & Banks will be closed till 10th Novermber
  3. 500rs & 1000Rs notes are valid in Railway Station, Bus Station & Airlines tickes.
  4. Valid at Petrol pump, CNG Gas pump till 11th Novemebr Midnight.
  5. Updating….

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